NSA Tournaments & 2024 Insurance Requirement Q & A:               
We have had a few questions on the insurance requirements, here are the simple answers:
     NSA requires that all teams playing in NSA are covered by NSA/Westpoint Insurance - see details below.

1.  Any team can play with a 2024 NSA Sanction - You do not need to do anything else.
    Indiana NSA will provide your team with NSA/Westpoint Weekend Program to meet
    the insurance requirement for that weekend.
This will only cover your team for that WEEKEND you play NSA.
2.  If your team has a NSA/Westpoint yearly insurance policy you will receive $25 OFF every
    Indiana NSA tournament they enter
.   This will also cover your team for practices and your  
    team will have medical coverage for any softball event for the 2024 season.
    Note:  ASA may require that you purchase their insurance.  Please contact them directly.

            NSA/Westpoint Quantity or League INSURANCE DISCOUNTS for a Year Policy:
            Please remember to take advantage of the discounted Quantity/League rate.
             A.  4 or more teams from an organization that purchases insurance at one time.
             B.  If you are an individual team, your team can take still take advantage of the Quanity/League Discount
              We have set up a LEAGUE you can join to get the quantity/league rate, CALL Westpoint 800-318-7709 and
              ask for Angela or Annmarie - tell them you are joining the Indiana Fastpitch League to get the discount.


Your team will need to have their current sanction number in order to purchase NSA/Westpoint Insurance.
Please contact us if you have any questions.

NSA - Where to Begin?

     1.  Sanction your team - Fill out the sanction form on PlayNSA.com & submit payment to your Director.
     2.  Purchase NSA/Westpoint Insurance if you want a yearly policy.  If not, weekend insurance will be provided. Make sure to upload your insurance certificate to the NSA website.

     3.  Enter Tournaments Online - PlayNSA.com  use Tournament Search, find the tournament you want
          to enter and click on the DETAILS.  Scroll to the bottom of the page - enter your sanction number &
          password.  This does NOT hold your spot in the tournament!!!
          TEAMS ARE ACCEPTED IN THE ORDER THAT PAYMENT IS RECEIVED by the Tournament Director. Payments may be made by mailing the entry fee to the listed director, pay online through Event Connect or on www.indianansafastpitch.com.
     4.  Enter Your Roster ONLINE - www.PlayNSA.com  click on: COACHES and LOGIN then begin the invite process for players to your team.  Once submitted, and accepted by their parent, the player will appear on your roster.

NSA - What to Bring to Tournaments?
   1.  Each team MUST check-in prior to their first game at each tournament.  This is where you will pay your gate fee, ensure rosters and insurance are up to date and any additional tournament information is passed on to your team.
   2.  Coach/Manager will need to have copies of birth certificates or government issue photo ID for players              on hand.  NSA does NOT need copies - you need to have on hand in case of protest.