NSA Tournaments & 2016 Insurance Requirement Q & A:               
We have had a few questions on the insurance requirements, here are the simple answers:
     NSA requires that all teams playing in NSA are covered by NSA/Westpoint Insurance - see details below.

1.  Any team can play with a 2016 NSA Sanction - You do not need to do anything else.
    North & Central Indiana NSA will provide your team with NSA/Westpoint Weekend Program to meet
    the insurance requirement for that weekend.
This will only cover your team for the WEEKEND you play NSA.
2.  If your team has a NSA/Westpoint yearly insurance policy you will receive $25 OFF every
    North-Central Indiana NSA tournament they enter
.   This will cover your team for practices and your  
    team will have medical coverage for any softball event for the 2016 season.
    Note:  ASA may require that you purchase their insurance.  Please contact them directly.

            NSA/Westpoint Quantity or League INSURANCE DISCOUNTS for a Year Policy:
            Please remember to take advantage of the discounted Quantity/League rate.
             A.  4 or more teams from an organization that purchases insurance at one time.
             B.  If you are an individual team, your team can take still take advantage of the Quanity/League Discount
              We have set up a LEAGUE you can join to get the quantity/league rate, CALL Westpoint 800-318-7709 and
              ask for Angela or Annmarie - tell them you are joining the Indiana Fastpitch League to get the discount.

Your team will need to have their current sanction number in order to purchase NSA/Westpoint Insurance.
Please contact us if you have any questions.

NSA - Where to Begin?

     1.  Sanction your team - Fill out the sanction form on PlayNSA.com & submit payment to your Director.
     2.  Purchase NSA/Westpoint Insurance if you want a yearly policy.  If not, weekend insurance will be provided.

     3.  Enter Tournaments Online - PlayNSA.com  use Tournament Search, find the tournament you want
          to enter and click on the DETAILS.  Scroll to the bottom of the page - enter your sanction number &
          password.  This does NOT hold your spot in the tournament!!!
     4.  Enter Your Roster ONLINE - www.PlayNSA.com  click on: COACHES and LOG IN - click the roster link.
          For each player you will need:  Name, Address and Date of Birth
          Save Each Player - when complete click on: Click here for printer friendly version - roster will print
         with blank lines for the parents to sign.  Coaches also need to sign the bottom of the roster.
         MAKE COPIES to turn in at EACH TOURNAMENT.

NSA - What to Bring to Tournaments?
   1.  Copy of Signed NSA Online Roster - NSA will keep and not return to you
   2.  Copy of your Current Team Insurance Certificate - NSA will keep and not return to you
   3.  Coach/Manager will need to have copies of birth certificates or government issue photo ID for players              on hand.  NSA does NOT need copies - you need to have on hand in case of protest.