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Teams may be reclassified at anytime throughout the season.  This can be accomplished by the team or by NSA, based on team performance and ability.  If a team begins the season classified as a B class team, but does not meet their goals and not up to the level of play as the other B class teams, they may request reclassification to a C level classification.  The State Director will investigate the team's abilities based on tournament play, players, etc.  If deemed approved, the State Director will notify the team of the results and make any necessary changes to their classification.

If a team starts the season classified as a C Class team, but is winning tournaments among B class teams, and/or dominating C class teams, the Director has the authorization to reclassify the team to a higher classification.  This is the same for B teams moving to the A Program.



A Player may be released one time throughout the season and remain eligible to be added to another team's roster.  This may be requested by the Coach or the Parent of that player.  These moves must be approved by the State Director.  The State Director will try and work out the details between the coach, the player and parent, so everyone is in agreement.   We understand issues between teams and players do occur.  Our goal is to attempt to assist both parties when these situations occur, and ensure both parties are satisfied with the result.  Coaches may login to their NSA account and request the player's release.  This generates an email to the State Director, who in turn will remove the player.


Teams may use a guest player from another NSA sanctioned team.  No more than 2 guest players can be used for each tournament.  The borrowing team must print the form, fill it out, have the coach from the borrowed player fill out their portion then send the completed form back to the State Director 24-48 hours before the start of the tournament.  The State Director will ensure the player is eligible, then approve and send to the Director for that particular tournament.  Not all States allow guest players, so please check with your Director prior to using a guest player.

PITCHERS MAY NOT BE USED AS A GUEST PLAYER, unless approved by the State Director.  The pitcher MUST be from the same classed team.  GUEST PLAYERS ARE NOT ALLOWED FOR STATES AND WORLD SERIES.

If the player is not on an NSA roster, that player must be added to the teams roster to be eligible to play. 

A player may only be utilized as a guest player 2 times per season.