Indiana NSA Fast Pitch Commitment
As you will see below, Indiana NSA is fully committed to partnering with facilities, teams and Umpires.

We are ready to serve all of your needs, and to work with your group to the best of our ability.
Our Professional team is made up of very experienced individuals, from various backgrounds and experience in facility management, field maintenance, directing events, umpiring and former players and coaches. 

We are a well rounded team that can help with all your needs and expectations.

Indiana NSA Fast Pitch is a full service organization that works with facilities to provide professional events.
Indiana NSA can assist your facility with NSA Fast Pitch, BPA Baseball and NSA Slow Pitch events.
Indiana NSA can assist your facility with maintenance needs and issues.
Indiana NSA will "partner" with your facility, making for a Professional relationship and helping with your needs.
Indiana NSA will provide quality Officiating and Directing of your event.
Indiana NSA will support your facility, and work closely with you on events.
Indiana NSA will strategically place and limit tournaments each weekend, enabling quality officiating , and more care placed on your venue.

Indiana NSA will provide quality, competitive events.
Indiana NSA will provide scholarships at most tournaments, based not on ability, but participation.
Indiana NSA will limit the number of events each weekend, enabling us to provided quality, well rested umpires.
Indiana NSA will listen to input from coaches and players, and make every effort improve the program.
Indiana NSA has several former players and coaches on staff, to assist in what teams want.
Indiana NSA commits itself, to listening to coaches, and allows coaches to submit National Rule Changes every year.
Indiana NSA takes into consideration travel distance, time change, special requests, number of games in a day, when bracketing tournaments.
Indiana NSA takes player safety as a major concern.

Indiana NSA will provide quality training for all umpires, at multiple sites.
Indiana NSA encourages umpires to submit rule changes at the National Convention.
Indiana NSA will provide funding for an awards banquet each year, initiating an Indiana NSA Fast Pitch Hall of Fame all funded by the Directors and facilities.
Indiana NSA will commit to all NSA umpires,  a Professional approach, evaluations and opportunity.