5/27-29/16- NSA Fast Pitch Challange- CCAC Warsaw (CCAC Points Series)

5/20-22- NSA Golden Dome Challenge-Newton Park

10UAB, 12UAB

5/6-8- NSA Morrett Mother's Day Classic- Wabash

10UAB, 12UAB

5/13-15/16- 11th Annual Eclipse NSA "B" Classic WSQ- Monticello

5/6-8- NSA Mother's Day Classic-Newton Park

10UAB, 12UAB, 14UAB

5/27-29/16- Memorial Madness- Michigan City
10UAB, 12UAB, 14UAB

Apply for Team Sanction

Teams MUST apply for team sanction before paying for sanction and tournaments.

West Point Insurance

You can sign up for tournaments by clicking on desired age group below tournament name.

You can pay for tournaments by clicking on PAY NOW TAB.  A $15 paypal processing fee is included in the price of tournament.  For tournaments that do no have this option, please send entry free to the address that is located on the entry form.  We hope to have the PAY NOW option on upcoming tournaments shortly. 

NSA Links

5/20-22- NSA Ruppel Rebellion- Manchester

14UAB, 16UAB, 18UAB

5/20-22/16- Elkhart's Spring Fling- Riverview

5/6-8- NSA Mother's Day Classic- Hidden Lake

10UAB, 12UAB, 14UAB

5/20-22- Field of Dreams Softball Classic-Wabash

12UAB, 14UAB

5/20-22- NSA Summer Kick off- Hidden Lake

10UAB, 12UAB, 14UAB

5/13-15- NSA Diamond Duel-Huntington

10UAB, 12UAB, 14UAB