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 Indiana NSA Hall of Fame 

2011 Inductees                                   2012 Inductees                                  2013 Inductees

Coach:  Jr Ousley (Adult)                    Coach: Mike Hagy (Adult)                  Coach Matt Sheehan (Adult)

Player: Stu Sheets (Adult)                  Player: Steve Schroeder (Adult)       Coach: Tom Sorenson (Adult)

Umpire: Karl Swihart (Adult)             Player: Carl Underwood (Adult)       Player: Joe Horvath (Adult)

Umpire: (Bill Van ALstine (Adult)      Umpire: Jon Chalfant (Adult)            Umpire: Dan Chalfant

Park: Patriot Park (Michigan City)    Park: Muncie Sportplex                     Park: Kesling Park (LaPorte)

Park: CCAC (Warsaw)                         Director: Karl Swihart                        Director: Jon Anderson

Director: Darrell Garbacik                 Sponsor: Wildman Uniforms           Sponsor: Kokomo Sports Center

Director: Jim Kimmel                          Meritorious: Street kids Care          Meritorious: Kokomo CVB

Sponsor: NC Agripower                     Meritorious: Kosciusko CVB    

Sponsor: Buffalo Wild Wings           

Meritorious: Jeff Plank

2014 Inductees                                   2015 Inductees                                   2016 Inductees

Player: Tim Austin (Adult)                 Player: Brandon Dillon (Adult)          Player: Matt Martin (Adult)

Player: James Hall (Adult)                 Player: Jeremy "Urms" Hochstetler  Player: Johnny Burks (Adult)

Coach: TJ Jorgenson (Adult)             Coach: Herb Price (Adult)                   Player: Eric Fisher (Adult)

Sponsor: Austin Masonry                Coach: Jim Bilbee (Adult)                    Umpire: Brian Kinsey (Adult)

Umpire: Jack Carter (Adult)             Umpire: Garry Chalfant (Adult)         Coach: Larry Rhoton (Adult)

Sponsor: D&R Miller Concrete       Umpire: Mike Welsh (Adult)               Meritorious: South Shore CVB

                                                            Park: Northwest Park (Kokomo)    

                                                            Director: Mike Hagy

                                                            Sponsor: Silvertown

                                                            Sponsor: Holland Group (BWW)

                                                            Meritorious: LaPorte Co. CVB

2017 Inductees

Coach: Robert Cooper (Adult)

Player: Kris Heide (Adult)

Umpire: TJ DeGiulio (Youth)

Umpire: Mike Della Rocco (Youth)

Meritorious: Michiana Scrappers/Briana Blondell (BPA)

Meritorious: Blue Chip Casino